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I urge you to avoid doing business with this company. I originally did business with them in 2008. My order was flawless and I was provided great customer service. However my last order in 2013 was a nightmare. I placed an order for a KM trimetal hookah with clear vase, some accessories and shisha. I received a black hookah, the glass vase had several chips and the stem was dinged up to ***. I paid $100+ for a hookah because I want it to look cool, not because I wanted a beat up broken piece of junk.

They wrote me back with some generic response stating that the item is handmade and variations are possible. I explained to them once again that the item is broken and the completely wrong color was received.

Finally, after much back and forth, they allowed me to return the damaged item at my cost. After following up on several occasions about the credit, it was finally received, but they deducted a 15% restocking fee.

They sent me the wrong item in damaged condition and are now charging me for it after I was already out $15 for return shipping. Luckily, I was able to dispute this charge with my credit card company and I received a credit.

The customer service provided by this company was horrendous. I urge you to save yourself a lot of time, frustration and money and purchase from a more reputable source.

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Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, United States #728562

My experience is the opposite of yours.Great site!

cant say enough good things. I ordered a khalil mammoon hookah on wednesday and just received it on friday. It is pefect. their prices are half that of the other online sites and their shipping is super fast.

I called before making the order to ask a few questions and the representative even provided me with a free shipping coupon so i would not have to pay for shipping.

Wow, cant ask for anything better.I highly recommend to all of my friends.!

SouthSmoke - Horrific Customer Care

New York City, New York 13 comments
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Update by user Mar 16, 2013

Updating on this company.They refused to offered a replacement or refund on my defective product.

Not a company you want to take a chance with.Look elsewhere.

Original review posted by user Feb 05, 2013

This company will *** over if anything goes wrong with your order. On top of that, they cannot help you over the phone. You have to email back and forth which takes a long time from them.

I had two defective products in my order. They shipped one replacement which was good. The second however they made me contact the manufacturer to troubleshoot a one button e-cig. Nothing could be done and so Brennan insisted I keep contacting them. A few emails later he tells me they will give me a one time courtesy credit.

If I have a defective product, your telling me only once can I receive credit?! I asked for a replacement or refund and was strung along for 3 days worth of emailing back and forth. They refused to refund and said it's too costly to ship a replacement. I would have to pay for the shipping to receive a replacement for my defective product.

I contacted Jennifer who then tries to pull off a big lie stating I got a free hookah, discount with my order. Yes any customer who spends a lot of money gets a free item of their choice and with enough money spent you get a tiny $10 or so gift card.

Anyway They proceeded to now say, okay we will give you a free e-cig just tell us when you will order. So I did and never heard a thing from them. Calling them results in more *** being spewed that a credit is good enough and you cannot talk to a manager.

Brennan hides behind his computer screen and tells me you have a giftcard and thats all your gonna get from us. No refund or replacement.

Horrible customer service and totally incompetent.


Los Angeles, California, United States #624103

Great company and the best prices I have found online.Just ordered the kaloud lotus on Monday and it shipped the same day and I got it on Wednesday.

Not bad.Highly recommended.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #613336

I received my order the other day and ups broke my vase.I emailed support and they replied within 10 minutes and said they sent out a replacement vase.

Within two days this vase arrived and now I am smoking out of this awesome km hookah.

Great service.Can't ask for anything more.

Manassas, Virginia, United States #613335

Great site wig great reputation.Have been ordering from them for more than 4 years and never had a problem.

Everything has always arrived on time, they offer the best promos and discounts, and best loyalty program. I used to buy from ssc but switched over and I am glad of this switch.

They are very friendly if you ever have any questions and need to send an email or call on the phone.A 10/10 review for me.

Highview, Kentucky, United States #613333

Seems like a bunch of you guys have no life and just make up a bunch of posts that are coming from the same person that made the original review. Wow. Get a life.

to Colin Westerville, Ohio, United States #613346

Says the guy posting as the same person with different locations. I thought you were from Arkansas? Oh you messed up there I see. :grin Brennan is that you?! LOSER :cry

Either way I have yet to order here but chances are I won't. It seems like if someone who works there has to make up good reviews here, it's probably a good idea to stay away.. far..far..away.. I order local any how.

to Tom New York, New York, United States #613956


You sound like the same person that made he initial review making up more nonsense. Get over it and get a life.

to Rene s #613977

LMAO you sound just like Colin. Get off your knees.

to Tom Chicago, Illinois, United States #613960

Southsmoke is a great company.I just got a free hookah.

They awesome.You all people need to resolve your differences and stop acting like babies.

Far Rockaway, New York, United States #612229

Well if you were regular customer and they still treated you like this, you're better off man.There's lots of good hookah sites now a days.

Thanks to this report I'll make sure to never order there and spread the word.You guys suck!

San Jose, California, United States #611768

I have not ordered from here before but it sounds like they're trying to nickel and dime you. :roll

Miami, Florida, United States #611756

Last time I ordered from them was right before the holidays.They forgot a few items from my order and hassled me to contact the shipping company because they cannot send a replacement.

I never did get my items I ordered and have gone elsewhere.People need to know how bad your service is.

Charleston, Arkansas, United States #611176

You guys rock. Best hookah site online.

New York, New York, United States #611175

I have been ordering from for over two years and have nothing but great things to say about this company.Great service and fast shipping have made me recommend this company to all of my family and friends.

I just received my latest order today and I only placed on Thursday last week.Good job guys.

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